Where to go in flow? – Flow Arts Journey

Where to go in flow? Where our Flow Arts journey has taken us!

We want to hear from you! Why do you flow? What has it brought to your life? Where would you like the flow arts journey to take you? And what would you like to see the flow arts community grow into?

We have worked and played with people of a wide variety.  From people who do it to be seen as a badass, to others who do it for their physical, mental and emotional being. Some people do it as a profession, others as a pass time. Flow arts has expanded beyond the martial arts mainstream to the performing arts and to the health industry with Dr. Kate Riegle van West’s clinical research on poi. You may do it for sociability, or during some alone time. We would love to hear and represent your story, and grow the flow arts movement through the individual that is you!

A First-Hand Story

I’ll start: My name is Jesse Hart and I started flow arts after seeing some friends spontaneously do some fire spinning at a party, completely unexpected to me. My first prop was poi, my second was rope dart. I started flow arts simply drawn in by the desire to fire spin, and later connected it with the ability to get into festivals and other events for free, then added it to my profession as a means of greater physical and cognitive function, and then when I realized there was no professional practitioners in my area of Southern Oregon, I made performing part of what I did to make a living.

Today I work with many more props as I saw that there were many similarities in the movement of different props, so taking on fans, staff, sword, hoop, palm torches, and jump rope did not spread me too thin. I’ve worked in multiple fire spinning troupes, two of which I created from scratch with newbies. And taught in person and online, with people ranging in age from 9 years old, to 70+.

I would like to see flow arts enter the mainstream and many people making it a part or whole of their regular profession. This will only happen when we work together and appeal to a greater audience. I see we were meant not to be work horses, but to be at play, experiencing many patterns of flow and resistance throughout our life’s journey of challenges and rewards. I see flow arts as relative to the micro and macro cosmos, and that we are emulating the patterns of stars around galaxies and electrons around nuclei.

Now I have shared with you my experience and perspective, what’s yours? Please grow community with us and add yourself to the bunch. Who knows where our paths will take us, but one thing’s for sure, it will be easier together.

Yours in flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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