What makes flow arts sacred? – Part 7 – Four’s in flow arts.

As established in our previous illustrations of sacred geometry, numerology, and flow arts, it is clear that with every increasing number there is a reflective divinity. One, being wholeness. Two, being self discovery and exploration of time/space. Three, being dimension and shape. Four… now here is where we get into more! 

Adding a fourth in sacred geometry.

When drawing the flower of life [hyperlink to blog on drawing the seed of life], you will go from one circle, to another, to another, until a beautiful arrangement of circles flowering out into a possible infinity will appear. When we reach the fourth circle, it will seem as though half of the seed is complete. A foundation for creation. A new dimension is born. 

While working with one’s, two’s, and three’s in sacred geometry, there is a common factor – a flat plane. Even the creation of the first shape (the triangle) with the trinity is still only on the 2D. When you draw three points in space, and connect these dots with lines, the shape will be two dimensional. This is also possible when adding a fourth, and connecting it in to make shape. However, when we add a fourth, we add the potential of real physical matter, mass, and volume. This is where the origin of the Platonic solids happens, and all of our physical universe. 

Adding a fourth in flow arts. 

As seen in all other numeric relationships with flow arts, there is a relative connection. Two poi, two hoops, two hands, the mind/body connection… all together as one. It all makes sense. With three is where it gets interesting. With four is where it begins to go beyond what many  flow artists deem reasonable in the art of flow. Of course, just like you can create a flat shape like the triquetra and triad, you can add another spin to the same plane and have a four petal flower. Beyond that though, with four points comes the ability to create 3D tricks with your props. This gets particularly fascinating with poi, and we are excited to guide you into these advanced and sacred moves. 

Stay tuned for more mind blowing tricks, techniques, and the interconnected-ness explained. 

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Catherine Rutan-Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
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