What makes flow arts sacred? Part 6 – The Trinity

Flow Arts Trinity

As we move beyond the relationship of self and other, there becomes a new element to reflect with – a third. In the beginning of your flow arts journey, it may be easy to see that there are two things. There is you, and there is your prop. However, even though that may be true, the relationship between you and your poi, hoop, fans, or otherwise is something in and of itself. Nobody else has your flow, and can embody the relationship you have with your prop. You and your prop are one, and a trinity at the same time.

In sacred geometry and the creation of the universe, two circles (or the Vesica Pisces) symbolize expansion and self awareness. Linear time also becomes a thing. When another circle is added, it creates structure upon that linear plane. Three enables the capacity for shape to exist – the triangle. Three enables the capacity for dimension to exist within our flow arts as well.

As we learn the basic moves [hyperlink to Jesse’s latest fire spinning essential tricks video], we master singularity in movement with our props. Then, we begin to do those tricks higher up, past our heads, and down at our feet, creating a linear dimension. Once we move into a third point of reference with the tricks, we create shapes with our flow.

Practice it for yourself! Better yet – take a video of yourself doing some of your favorite tricks in one space. Then expand, and go up and down with your trick (or side to side). Then challenge yourself with the Trinity – create dimension – create a triad with your trick! If you are a hooper, check out our triad hula hooping tutorial: https://youtu.be/Qg3rkjSEWTM

If you are a poi spinner, check out or triad poi tutorial: https://youtu.be/fWLWyNB_ZBo

For more leveling up in your flow arts capacities, contact us. We would love to enable the expansion of your flow arts universe!

Catherine Rutan-Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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