What makes flow arts sacred? Part 5 – The Triad

flow arts triad

The Triad

“The Triad is the form of the completion of all things.” Continuing where we left off in the book, “A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe” by Michael S. Schneider, we move from two to three, and relate it to our flow arts. 

Upon my own first reflection, I think about a degree of mastery in flow arts. Here we hone in on our three planes; the hall/wheel, walls front/behind, and ceiling/floor. These planes complete a cube shape that our poi, hoop or other prop will flow with and around. Mastering these three planes gets us ready for nearly all the tricks developed by flow artists in history thus far. Spinning three poi, three hoops or three staffs, puts us on a completely different level beyond the beginner one or two prop level. Unifying our mind, body and prop is another triad of completing the “extension of ourselves” as one whole happening. As a profession, teacher, student, and lesson, or perhaps performer, audience and show. “Three is the formula of all creation.” Even the singularity/unity of the Monad, the circle (hoop, or poi orbit), has center, radius and circumference.

“Since “one” and “two” were considered by ancient mathematical philosophers to be the parents of numbers, then their firstborn, “three,” the Greek Triad, is thy r first and eldest number. Its geometric expression, the equilateral triangle, it’s initial shape to emerge through the portal of the vesica piscis, the first of the Many.”

To escape being indecisive, our initial counting off when to choose to execute a trick goes “One, two, three.” At gigs/classes it’s always 1. setup/warmup, 2. perform/teach, 3. cleanup/cool down. This is how we take steps to continuous growing and greater success in not just flow arts but everything in our lives.

Where else do you see the triad in flow arts? Please leave a comment below! We could go very far with this topic! 

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