What is Flow Arts Movement? – A Closer Look

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What is Flow Arts Movement?

To the individual, flow arts may appear to be a hobby, a recreational activity, or even an obsession for some. To the collective, it is far more! There is a rapidly growing community of flow artists all over the world, and every day, more and more people become inspired to get involved. There are many reasons one may pick up a prop and get into flow arts movement, and there seems to be a common factor in everyone’s “why I flow”.

Awareness. Growth. Fun!

This commonality has everything to do with self mastery. Whether you are flowing for therapy, for fun, for the exhilaration of performance, or just to inspire, it’s all related to growing awareness. Flow arts enhances your personal, physical, and energetic awareness, as well as the awareness of the collective, for more and more people discover it’s benefits every day.

Practicing Flow Arts

Not only does it have a massive influence on growing awareness, it simultaneously encourages a child-like zeal. In order to “get good” at flow arts, you must let go of the idea of control. Allowing the music or sensations to move you, instead of moving to the music, is the key to truly being “in the flow”. This also applies to everything in life! Too much structure causes expectations, and potential stress, especially when things don’t go as planned. When we let go with a playful attitude, anything can become fun, fluid, and we reflect harmony into the world.

To me (Liora), the flow arts movement is all about inspiring others to grow and play through creative expression – As I witness more flow communities connecting and growing all over the world, the commonalities stand out strong – that flow arts is amplifying the conscious evolution of humanity towards greater awareness, while embracing the youthful energy we all have within.

Unite The World Firsthand

Grow with me as I drive through every continent (except for Antarctica), with my partner Jesse Hart. Sharing holistic practices, teaching and performing flow arts, and launching the #UniteTheWorldFirstHand Global Movement:


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A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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