Vortexes and Qi in Flow Arts

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Flow Arts Vortexes, Chi, and Qi 

We develop quite a bit of energy when we get in our flow, especially when there’s fire involved! Though aren’t we expelling energy to exercise and move a pair of poi, staff, hoop, dart or fans around our bodies? How is it we tend to feel even more energized after a flow session than before one? The following will explain how we are becoming generators of pure life force energy (known as “Qi” or “Chi” in Qigong, also known as “Taoist Yoga”). And this flow arts chi is evident when we participate in flow arts and fire spinning.

This is lesson in relativity. I trust that if you’re reading this, you’re not one to much entertain the mainstream media. More so, likely into some form of “alternative” lifestyle. I feel confident that you would love to invest in alternative energy as we are now becoming more familiar with the technology of the future as it relates to none other than our pastime, or professional, prop manipulation.

Let’s start in the beginning. The true beginning. Before the Big Bang, or God said “Let’s do this.” or whatever happened before there was something, there was nothing; kind of like we may feel before we find our calling. But then, there was something… perhaps everything. So how in the whole wide universe could nothing create something? Well, how do we go from feeling like a no-one, to feeling like a someone? It goes by many names but in this instance, I am going to go with one that many different perspectives will accept; we became “inspired”.

Out of seemly nowhere, we feel an essence of Spirit that puts into work a series of actions in our body in order to achieve a desired outcome. Depending on our capacity to keep the fire burning, we can achieve incredible things. Would you believe me if I told you that your inner and outer cosmos learning their own style of flow arts is what generated your enthusiasm?

Everything in our reality moves in curves, circles and elipses, seemingly simply as “the flow of nature”. Nature is its own self-perpetuating generator! When we emulate it through our dancing and prop movement, we too are becoming our own self-perpetuating flow arts chi generators! That is why flow arts and fire spinning becomes the life of a party! When people see the conscious flow and movement of curves, there is a sense of peace or spirit that naturally washes through them. This is no coincidence! We are reminding ourselves and each other of the vortex and qi creating what we fundamental are. All the way to the Source and the nothingness it came from.

Now that is sacred flow art!

The force will be with you, always,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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