Vortex Poi – Full Review – Pro’s and Con’s

vortex poi review

Vortex Poi Review 

Is it possible for fire poi to be rivaled? As much as I have enjoyed my previous LED poi, from the basic of basic seven color changing balls, to pod poi version 1, to crystal poi, as much as they do look amazing for myself and my audience, I never got close to a response as I do while spinning fire. But now, no longer.

A few weeks ago, I ordered some Vortex Poi, as I needed to level up the wow factor of my LED performances. I did not quite have enough to get some visual poi that cost hundreds of dollars, so looked around for what felt like the most bang for my buck at around 100 dollars. These were hands down the best choice.

Here is the recap vortex poi review on my latest level up in flow arts.

The Weight

Though I did quite a bit of research and knew what I was getting, I did not take into full consideration the factor of weight. These poi are quite heavy; I think heavier than any other set I have, including my fire poi. Though the transparent silicon encasing over the plastic light up balls is quite soft, still, the weight of them make this set closer relatives to the original weapons they were once upon a time in New Zealand. Though it’s not much of an issue as I am an experienced performer, and simply treat it as a challenge to exercise my arms more and be even more aware of my wielding them.

The Lights

THIS is what makes these poi rival fire. They are BRIGHT! Some have already said, as I have said to myself, “blindingly bright”. When I first put in a fresh set of AAA batteries (takes four, not included) I turned them on and flowed in the deep dark of a cloudy night, but by the end of it, I was seeing streaks and stars for sure. And not only are there so many options of super bright colors, but you can also set the top half of the led ball to one light pattern, and the other half to another. Super epic!

The Materials

The sock/bag tethers are a durable polyester, and white to allow the lights to glow through their colors accurately. That being said, they are white. Beware of dirt, and pretty much anything else. These are not poi to be treated like any other set of poi; you’ll need to take care of them, not hit anything, and when not in use keep them in the drawstring bag they came in. The socks have a nice white/transparent silicon ball handle on ball swivels, which I prefer, though the other set of tethers it comes with, the ultra tether cords, are just finger loops with ball swivels. I wish the handle types were switched, or both ball grips, but I digress. The ultra tether cords are my favorite type of tethers besides my Technora fire tethers; I am stoked to have a set.

Customization Options

These come as is and don’t have any customization options. The only customization you can do is choose between the sock tethers and the ultra cords, and the sock tethers are not adjustable in length.

Overall Quality

Overall, great quality. If we’re talking about an actual grade, I’d give them an A- , or a 4.5/5, with the only constructive cirque for betterment is to have them come with two sets of ball grips (or have the finger loops on the socks), have some AAA batteries included so we can get them going right away, and decrease the weight a little bit. If you are looking for quality LED poi that don’t cost an arm and a leg, these are them. I am grateful for the lift-time warranty, but from the feel of them, I will not ever have to use it as these Vortex Poi are SOLID. ✊

Check out our vortex poi review here! 👉 https://youtu.be/kX-l7D-sF5A

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Happy flowing!

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