Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Product Review

ultra hoop shuffle

LED Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Testimonial 

Upon opening, it was obvious that the Ultra Hoop Shuffle had been made and handled with quality as a primary focus. The hoop was packaged extra consciously, coiled once to fit in the box and accompanied with an extender piece in case I need to store it coiled in the future. It was also accompanied with extra batteries, for it only takes one to operate, a battery charger, and an instructions pamphlet covering each detail for care and longevity, from getting started, to battery/electrical care, to help and support through their community online. Moving forward, here’s what I found after turning it on and getting familiar with flowing with this prop.

Ultra Hoop Lights

Turning on the lights is effortless. There is no remote or switch; it’s simply integrated into the hole and button used for taking the hoop apart (one hole for “on”, the other for “off”). Simple!

Every time I turn on the hoop, I get a burst of enthusiasm. It’s bright, multicolored, and the modes change every 30-60 seconds, prompting movement and play! This is, however, the one thing I would change about this hoop. I would prefer the option of choosing my color mode, perhaps with a remote or button system that is more complicated. This would, inevitably, increase the quality of the hoop, and probably cost more, so for a $100 hoop it’s perfect! It’s beautiful! It’s satisfying regardless!


While purchasing online, I had the option of choosing what kind of material used, from polypropylene to HDPE. I chose a HDPE 32” (3/4inch width) to match the size of my other hoop, and testing a different material, as my other hoop is a polypro! As I got more familiar with the Ultra Hoop Shuffle, I found that it’s a bit more slippery than my polypro. This may just be because it’s so new, and something to adjust to, or something to consider based on the differences of feel in material. The tubing itself is quality, as are its internal components that bring it full circle.

Customization Options

Online, you are able to select even more than the material used. The company gives you the option of a sanded finish, grip tape, counterweights to balance the battery, extra batteries, and diverse sizes. It is basically like you design your own prop, and great for anyone looking for their first LED hoop!

Overall Quality 

Upon everything, from price, to material, instructions, and extra care components, this company has it mastered.

Check out the Ultra Hoop Shuffle here. 👉 https://sacredflowart.com/product/ultra-led-hula-hoop/

And our video review with nighttime footage! 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pYyagF4wrA

Looking forward to further growth in flow and professionalism,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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