Too Much Flow? Flow Arts Questioned!

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Too much flow arts?

Is there such a thing? Absolutely.

Absurd right? You’d think as a flow artist, there could never be “too much flow arts”!

Well, when you are growing your flow arts, be it as a career or just to improve skills, there needs to be a balance of structure and resistance to poor old patterns, mixed in with the flow. The concept of flow in general, or to be “in the flow”, is receptive, fluid, and movable by nature. You might’ve heard the phrase, “Just go with the flow…bro”, which carries with it a care-free and “whatever” vibe. This can be useful for individuals who need to loosen up, but if you’re already in touch with this feminine flowy energy, it will benefit you to add some of the masculine, structured, time to get things done attitude.

See, if we are all flow, fluid, and malleable, life (and your flow arts) will be chaotic, and you’ll likely want to quit. It might look pretty to the untrained eye to live foot loose and fancy-free, but where is it going? What is it for? What are you doing? Do you even know? We need masculine energy implemented in our flow arts and life practices to grow ourselves in every way.

A Closer Look

For example, when we are ready to take our flow arts to the next degree of epic, we don’t just pick up the hoop and go nuts to whatever song is on the mix! We do our research, learn new methods, practice in different ways consciously, and create a schedule for ourselves to follow through with and get results. This is the benefit of regulating how much flow you allow. This is the reason many flowmies are still gathering in spin jams and parties, while others are getting booked and paid to perform with the big dogs.

Flow arts is fun. It can absolutely be a “just for fun” kind of gig. It can also be just a career; However, we find what’s best is to balance them both. Why not create a business around play? Being a professional kid is probably one of the best things any kid (and adult for that matter) could ask for!

Either way you go, make sure to check your flow, add some structure, and you’ll be good to go, as long as you can keep it consistent!

Keep growing, flowing, and glowing,
With effervescent ease,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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