The Non Dangers of Fire Spinning

The Non Dangers of Fire Spinning

People are often amazed and even intimidated while witnessing one of our fire spinning performances. People will ask, “Aren’t you scared you’re going to set yourself on fire?” amongst many other questions that signify the dangers of fire spinning. I’m here to tell you today that fire spinning is actually safe. And that the fire itself is not that dangerous. Here are some things to consider if you would like to learn to fire spin.

You WILL NOT set yourself on fire

People watch too many movies. When someone starts messing around too close to flames on the big screen, their whole body goes up and before you know it the incidental human torch is born. Let me assure you, unless you have spilled a massive amount of white gasoline all over your body, you are not going to go up like a human candle. The most we tend to burn is the fuzzies on our clothes or maybe a little of our hair if not covered. When wearing the proper attire (non-synthetic natural fibers or leather) and being mindful of where the fire spinning fuel is (well away from the performance area, in an airtight container, within a secondary splash bucket) your odds of spontaneously combusting are slim to none, so don’t worry so much about it.

Your body is aware.

It is not a coincidence, nor is it anywhere close to chaos, that flow artists are able to do what we do with flow props. Through proper teachings, there are an assortment of ways to understand the flow dynamics and dexterous capacities of your body moving an object around safely. Every beginner will practice getting familiar with the basic planes around the body, namely the wall plane and the hall, or wheel plane (in front, behind, and to the sides; like a cube).

Once you have these planes mastered (which takes only one to a few practices with proper instruction), you will know where your props are and if/when you are in danger of hitting yourself. As long as you learn to keep in check the amount of energy you are applying to the prop, your odds of hitting yourself are much less than you would believe. Flow artists are not only masters of prop movement, but of spatial awareness as well.

If anything is truly dangerous, it’s hot metal.

I have hurt myself more from hot metal on exposed skin than I have from fire. Props will likely have a bit of metal near the wick that heats up while burning. If that metal comes into contact with skin not covered by clothes, it may become an instant branding (which some take pride in, but please don’t make a habit out it!). It’s the metal that will leave a scar well before the practically nonexistent third degree burn (generally touching fire will give you a brief mild burn that actually feels kind of good in a strange way – it’s a fire spinner thing).

I have not once had a student hurt themselves from fire spinning. Catherine and I have had dozens of students go from no experience to burning like a pro in just a matter of a few weeks. We have even had two nine-year-old girls learn to burn safely and are totally hooked on the activity. Would you like to learn? We offer private and group lessons, in-person or virtually over video chat online (I’ve got some poi classes scheduled for this coming week actually). Take this opportunity to impress yourself and others and grow some finer and new motor skills that will benefit your body and mind for your whole life (decreasing chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s)! Message us by searching “Full Circle Phenomenal” or at Soon to come, memberships to Sacred Flow Art! Where we will take your questions, critique your videos, and even do monthly video chats!

Yours in Flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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