The Magic “Sacred” Circle

The “Magic” Sacred Circle

Have you heard this expression? Why not the sacred square? Or the magic triangle? Triangles are magic too right? I mean, look at the pyramids . . . Let’s take a closer look at what makes things “magic” and “sacred” from the perspective of a hula hooping, poi spinning, fire-bending flow artist.

The magic sacred circle is magic because it implies both everything, and nothing at the same time.

All One – Interconnected by Energy

Everything is energy. Every “thing” is composed of both masculine and feminine energies. Because everything exists, every thing that exists and the whole of everything itself has to be magical and sacred! Else, how do you define real magic? How do you define the word sacred? Leave us a comment below, as we would love to hear your perspective of what “real magic” means and what is “sacred” to you.

Can you give me an example of something in existence that isn’t sacred? Existence itself is so unreal, how could anything be portrayed as otherwise?

Alright, let’s get “real”. So many individuals in “spiritual communities” and day-to-day “normal” communities deem some things magic, and not magic, spiritual, and not spiritual. And some don’t believe any of it at all. It’s all relative right? We all have a diverse array of perspectives.

We understand that everything – every thing – is a complete . . . something! A whole. Be it a circle, or another shaped object, “being whole” implies that it is complete, full, and we relate these concepts mentally as being circular in nature. If you are speaking with your hands, what gesture would you make while describing something that is complete? A round shape right?

Universal Symbols

So everything must be sacred, and the circle – the magic sacred circle, is a representation of it! Hula hoops, being a circle, represent magic. Poi, being spherical, represent it too. Inversely, everything in existence (hoops, poi, and even Mother Earth herself) rests within a space. Space, as we know it,  is all encompassing, also implying wholeness, a fullness, complete, enveloping nature. The circle can also be witnessed as this, hugging everything that’s inside. Hugging you as you wield your hoop! Even the poi can hug you with the tracers they make while in flow!

All flow arts props, when in practice, create circular shapes and curved lines, also representing the wholeness, the everything, the nothingness of space, magic, and sacredness. Maybe this is why so many individuals who watch flow arts find themselves in a trance like state, inspired beyond belief, without knowing why.

We see you out there, replicating and depicting the magic of everything and nothing combined. Keep it up!

Blessings abound, abundance all around!

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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