The Flow Arts Community – Fire Spinning & Human Connection

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A Fire Spinning Journey 

Shortly after my first “Burn” with the poi, I ecstatically attended my first flow arts community festival; The Pacific Fire Gathering in Cloverdale, Oregon. Not only was the three day gathering gorgeously amongst the epic setting of an old forest on the Oregon coast, but it was perfectly situated within a well maintained boy scout camp, and crawling with 500 of the most friendly people and flow artists you could ever meet, or “flowmies”. These are people in love with emulating the micro-macro cosmic reality some label “God’s Perfect Creation”, there to grow themselves and each other, all the while having a whole lot of fun.

For those three days I learned and burned. Classes happened all day, and then everyone attended a fire circle with music blaring long into the night. I was astounded to be fire spinning while another couple dozen people around me were doing the same; each with a different prop no less! I even witnessed my first “fire tag”, where everyone would start with their props dipped but not on fire. One person was “L-IT” and proceeded to tag other people’s props, and then those people lit other people’s, till all were ablaze. And guess what? Even with all this “risky” business, no one got hurt!

Building Connections & The Flow Arts Community

When I returned, I wanted to grow the amazing community in my hometown, Grants Pass, Oregon. It wasn’t easy since I also wanted to grow a business alongside it (money and love don’t always mix), but my partner and I made countless invitations, hosted classes, created choreographies, and spread the flow arts news as much as we could. And it worked! At least enough to keep going and growing!

A couple years ago another friend and I started the First Friday Fire show in downtown Grants Pass and it became a hit! I hosted the free 1-2 hour show every first Friday for 18 months in a row; some of the shows attracting hundreds of people! Our December 2018 Show got on the local news and had 14,000 interactions on Facebook! The show still goes on today!

No doubt you will find your tribe when you get into flow arts; it’s both a great ease to the anxious mind, and energizing to the soul. What’s not to love?

Burn On and Bless Up!

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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2 thoughts on “The Flow Arts Community – Fire Spinning & Human Connection

  1. Noelle Carroll says:

    Are you still in Grants Pass and is First Friday Fire show still going on downtown. My partner and I newbie flowbies. We are traveling and staying in Eugene for the winter. Would love to attend your events. I love you blogging its inspiring to this 55+ woman finding her passion again.

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