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How do you Flow?

How do you flow? There are many forms of flow, and everyone truly has their own unique style, even if you have mastered someone else’s. Everyone’s body and how it moves is different, even if we are very alike. From the length of your poi tethers, to the circumference of your hoop, to the particular material your prop is made from, each object we manipulate around our bodies will feel and move differently. And our bodies are also different from one another’s! Sure, most of us have two arms, two legs, and one head. But how we have been accustomed to moving in the past combined with how we continue train in movement will all evolve itself into a unique flow art! Don’t be intimidated by unnecessarily comparing yourself to others!

All that said, it is truly a blessing when we CAN share flow art styles! No other style spans more across the board than tech flow tutorials. Where “Tech” is short for “Technique”. These are moves that describe in detail the way in which we can emulate each other by moving props in the same way in order to do specific tricks. And though the moves will naturally look a bit different person to person, they are often recognizable no matter who’s doing them.

Tech Flow Tutorials

Most of the hooping tutorials and poi tutorials we are teaching on the Sacred Flow Art Channel is Tech. Though still, the way Catherine and myself teach Tech is going to be different from the way other Flow Arts teachers teach (teaching also comes in different styles). When we are able to get clear in our minds, we are able to illustrate our tricks well in person and online classes. And if we are live with you, we can give you feedback you if you are doing something wrong you can’t figure out.

Human beings have mirror neurons that fire both when a person acts and when a person observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were his/herself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species! That’s good news for us! That means that there’s a big part of you already learning the trick just by watching a video! Practice doing the tech move, visualize yourself doing it, and you’ll often get it in a matter of minutes! If not, perhaps it will be strung together by your nervous system while you sleep (I have experienced this numerous times)!

Finding your own Flow Arts Style

I have naturally created my own style by learning many techniques and combining them together. Usually to different songs that have different tempos and with a body that I can’t help is different than anyone else’s! For a while I was self-conscious about my lack of skill and style and would make more mistakes when I wasted energy on the fact. Though you’ll find among the flowmie community that people are very encouraging of your growth and will cheer you on even if you aren’t “the best”.

Anyone who has taken the time to learn flow arts knows how humbling it is to fumble and fail. It’s like being a child learning to walk again really, only this time you have the concept of “failure” in this new walk (and lighting yourself on fire, if you’re practicing fire spinning). Keep going though, baby steps make leaps and bounds in no time. Once you begin to master techniques on one prop, the motor skills often transfer over to different props! Eventually you’ll start twirling around every object you can get your hands on! Who know, maybe you’ll create your own trick or even an entire new technique! Flow arts are truly infinite; even if it seems like it’s all been done, it hasn’t!

Get started or keep going! Search “Sacred Flow Art” on YouTube (or just click here) for full playlists of tutorials on Hooping, Poi, Rope Dart, Fans, and Staff Spinning!

Ever epic blessings on your own unique flow journey!

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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