Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 1) – The Feminine

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Tantra of Flow Arts

Everything in existence, everything you can touch, taste, and see, started as an idea. From the building blocks of physical matter, birthed from Mother Nature’s dance with the All, to the arrangement of matter in the formulation of objects like houses, cars, and props, trace back to infinite potential of space. This space, this nothingness, sparked what some refer to as the miracle of life, the Big Bang, or in another sense, the moment that “Nothing” became self-aware, conscious of itself, and thus something more than nothing. An idea. A concept. A vision. A dream. Label it what you will; It all started beyond this physical realm.

Take cars for example; they didn’t just appear out of nowhere, though it might appear that way to those who haven’t payed much attention to have seen the shift when vehicle traffic became the new norm across the planet. Either way, the launch of this new era began in someone’s mind, somewhere beyond the physical plane. It was launched by one brilliant idea that was shared outwardly, and inspired enough support to put matter into action, and an idea into a new invention. Something non-physical, to something physical. All things begin like this, whether in thought/feeling, idea/concept, or vision/dream formation. This that we are exploring, is the vastness of feminine energy.

Feminine Flow Arts?

Let’s clarify a bit. When diving into the world of Tantra, we look at the dualities in life, nature, and the universe at large. We specifically look at how these dualities are either masculine, feminine, and in more advanced lessons, how they contain both. In a very basic lesson of Tantra, you might recognize how all things beyond the physical are feminine, while all things that matter (literally) are masculine. Now we can break it down even further and see how both have both masculine and feminine qualities, but to keep it simple, we will just be looking at the obvious; thoughts and feelings, non-physical are feminine, whereas action and matter are masculine.

Flow arts, being a thing, clearly contains elements of both, making it a tantric dance of masculine and feminine energy; one you can witness visually and firsthand! It’s quite beautiful. This is why I find flow arts as being so attractive. The feminine aspects in particular are attractive, so much so it’s undeniable even if you know yourself as being more attracted to masculine energy. Here’s why: Not only is everyone’s flow unique due to the individuality in everyone’s infinite ideas and feelings, the act of flow arts also emulates the shape (or more, curvature) of feminine energy. Curves, waves, and bends are feminine because that’s just how feminine energy flows. It is fluid, creative, wiggly, and diverse, whereas masculine is straight, direct, and steady. You see this in sacred geometry.

The circle, or zero, is another degree of feminine emulation expressed within flow. The Divine Feminine is space. It is nothingness, voidness, and infinite potential. Zero, or nothing as it relates to numbers, is feminine too! It is a receptacle for something more. The circle, as a shape, represents the All, and the space within/without represents the feminine, until something (like your body in a hoop) is placed within it. In flow arts, not only are we manipulating objects that are circles and spheres, we are also creating circles and curvy patterns with them!

Energy is Infinite

It’s infinite; the vastness of feminine energy. When considering flow arts, there are many components that could lead one to believe it is a feminine activity. Though it’s important to note that there is always, in everything, a balance of both. This is a fundamental aspect of tantra, and the study of energy. There might be more women practicing one particular prop, but that doesn’t mean it’s “girly” or just for women. Perhaps it would be good to get more in touch with your feminine nature, we all have it! Embrace it! But don’t label flow arts, or any – THING for that matter, as solely feminine, for it being in existence makes it both. Later we will dive into the aspects of masculine energy in flow arts, embodiment, the feminine within the masculine, and the masculine within the feminine layers.

Until next time flowmies, embrace it all, for it’s all for you!

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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