Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 2) – The Masculine

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Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 2)

Masculine and feminine energies can be witnessed everywhere. This is especially true once you start studying tantra, identifying dualities, and the way which energy flows. With flow arts, it’s particularly easy to identify the elements, especially when you practice flow arts.

In our last post, we expanded on the feminine elements of flow arts, being spacious, diverse, infinitely vast, dreamy/thought/feely, and all things non-physical. This time, we will be diving into the components that illustrate masculine energy. In early tantric discoveries, you will find that masculine energies are displayed through action, doing-ness, giving, and being. (Quite inverse to the qualities of the feminine energy.)

Masculine Flow Arts

Let’s look at the masculine qualities represented in flow arts.

First and foremost, flow arts is a thing. It exists, and because it exists, it is something (masculine) in space (feminine). All things can be perceived like this, thus illustrating how all things contain a perfect balance of both masculine and feminine. The props themselves are also things. Their being-ness is a masculine quality, for you can touch, move, and manipulate them about. They are something more than nothing; something inside the feminine space. Props can be seen as masculine simply because they are physical, whereas the space in which they reside in is feminine.

Now, some props are shaped like circles and spheres (a feminine trait), as mentioned in the previous post, while others take on shapes of the masculine – straight lines. Take staffs and wands for example. The shape of these props are more masculine than hoops, poi, and others because they aren’t curvy.

Moving beyond the props, we see masculine energy in the very act of flow. Once the feminine energy is had in the form of ideas and inspiration, SOMETHING more happens. Action! Ideas materialize into action, movement, doing-ness, and embodiment; a masculine trait, even when performed by a female in “feminine ways” according to the collective’s perspectives on how women should move, act, and look. The taking of action is masculine being displayed in the form of flow, regardless of how feminine it looks to the conditioned eye.

Parts of a Whole

It might be easier to see, now, how masculine or feminine depend on each other to create the elements of flow arts. One simply wouldn’t exist without the other. There are even ways we can go deeper (infinite actually) into seeing how the masculine aspects contain feminine, and the feminine inversely contain masculine. Perhaps you’ll see how they’re one in the same. Perhaps you’ll recognize how you, too, are both masculine and feminine, not one or the other. This is where Tantra becomes much more than the study of duality, but the study of life force energy, how it flows through all, and how you emulate it within your flow arts journey.

Stay tuned for next week’s topic as we dive deeper into just this!

Blessings and Infinite Comings,

Liora of Infinite Comings
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