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Mistakes In Flow Arts – Misconceptions of Flow

hula hooping mistakes

“Mistakes” in Flow Arts You’ve dropped a poi ball. A hoop went flying. The tethers got tangled mid performance! What are you going to do when you experience mistakes in flow arts? Take it from the pros – there ARE ways of making seemed “mistakes”, look like a part of the performance all together, and […]

Building A Flow Arts Team – Part Three – Flow Arts Equipment

Flow Arts Equipment and Props  You’ve got the people, and they’re interested in performing as a professional team. Some may have experience, others may be starting from scratch, and they are all looking to you for guidance. It is time to begin the practice!    What Prop?    Before showing up to the first practice […]

Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part One

led hoop performance, led hula hoop show

Growing A Professional Flow Arts Team (Part One) A fantasy and a half! Imagine not only performing with a professional flow arts team, but being the one who came up with the idea and put it all together! Imagine all that could be experienced. Group fire spinning shows! Regular practices that enable rapid growth in […]