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Flow Arts – Making Hula Hooping/Poi A Career

Making it a Career – The Flowmie Funnel As a professional performer who’s focused on generating income through the flow arts community, and like any successful business, it’s important to have a system. Where followers can effortlessly become inspired enough to become clients so you can start making money hula hooping! It all starts with […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 5 – Paid Performances vs Free Shows

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Making It a Career (Part 5) – Paid Performances vs Justifying Free Shows  The most controversial topic I can think of as it relates to turning your flow arts into a professional career sits with this topic. Flow Arts paid performances. When is it appropriate to do free shows? Where do we draw the line […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 2 – The Niche Within

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Making It a Career (Part 2) – The Niche Within  Once you know which prop suits you most for taking flow arts to the level of professionality, you’ll want to develop a niche within your niche prop. There are likely hundreds, of not, thousands of other hooper, poi spinner, staff, fan, and dart spinners out […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 1 – The Prop

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Flow Arts Career (Part 1) The Prop It is play! And for others, it is work. For us, it’s all work/play – all in the same – and all as a profession! How can this be? How can work also be play? Many people wonder this. Some go their whole lives separating work from fun. […]

Starting a Flow Arts Business

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Have you been loving flow arts so much that you are considering making a living doing it? We felt the same way! Here are the 5 basic steps you can take to get some good momentum behind your career in starting a flow arts business!   Establish your Flow Arts Business Demographic What are the […]