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Discovering Flow Arts – A Hula Hooping Journey

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Discovering The Art Of Flow We’ve all had that moment; that gravitational feeling where you can’t seem to break your eyes away from the dazzling skill of the flow arts. Whether it be the light trails from LED Hoops, the *whoosh-ing* sound vibrations of a fire spinner, or the hypnotic feel of heart-felt expressive movement […]

Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth

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Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth The Flow Arts have a power to connect us to the elements of the universe. We can get in tune with our physical vessels and flow to the rhythm continuously, infinitely. Hoops, poi and staff allow us to connect to the deeper expression within ourselves; And at […]

Fire Spinning Safety Tips

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Fire Spinning – Burns & Safety Tips Fire spinning lets us capture and manipulate the powerful element of fire. It is beautiful and inspiring, but can also be dangerous. We’ve put together a concise guide with our top fire spinning safety tips! There are some important factors to keep in mind for your best experience […]

A Hooping Journey Pt 1

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Hula Hooping Changed my Life My hooping journey begins in the forest. Echoing music filling the trees, dazzling lights on the scene, fluttering art throughout the field, filling my eyes with so much gratitude. This is connection. This is real. Being able to be apart of something so wonderful that contradicts what the black and […]

Fire Poi Guide! Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel Guide!

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Fire Poi Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel This week let’s talk about Fire Poi! Fire Poi comes in many different styles of wicks, lengths, and sizes. We’ve made a simplified Fire Poi wick and Fire spinning fuel guide. At Sacred Flow Art we sell over 10 different Styles of Fire Poi! We have many options […]