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Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 6 – Steps for Booking

Making Flow Arts a Career (Part 6) – Steps for Booking Someone wants to hire you. Now what is next? For professional shows, it is important to have some sort of protocol before flow arts performance booking. Over the past few years, Jesse and I have cultivated a list of must haves, must discuss, and […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 1 – The Prop

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Flow Arts Career (Part 1) The Prop It is play! And for others, it is work. For us, it’s all work/play – all in the same – and all as a profession! How can this be? How can work also be play? Many people wonder this. Some go their whole lives separating work from fun. […]

A Worldwide Flow Arts Movement

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A Flow Arts Movement is happening, and we are leading the way! Catherine Rutan and I are in the process of driving around the entire world by RV. First from Oregon through Central America and down to Argentina for the Full Solar Eclipse in Patagonia, December 14, 2020. We are performing our flow arts / […]