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To Spin Fire Poi – The Experience!

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What it’s Like to Spin Fire Poi Once you’ve had enough practice with your poi, you may be ready to spin fire poi. By enough practice I mean you’ve mastered a few moves so well that you can do them with both hands, in both directions, and by feel with your eyes closed. You may […]

Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Four

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First-time Fire Spinners – First Flow Arts Performance  One of the most challenging, yet certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of creating a fire spinning flow arts team is to train individuals for their “Virgin Burn”, or first flow arts performance. It’s kind of like teaching someone to ride a bike, or how to […]

First Time Fire Spinning! – Beginner Fire Spinning Guide

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First Time Fire Spinning – Beginner Guide! So it’s your first time fire spinning?! Let’s learn how to dip your wicks, what kind of clothes to wear and how to do a spin off/burn off. (And maybe a little bit about fire spinning safety!) Fire Spinning Clothing When fire spinning, clothing should be tight fitting […]