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Fire Spinning & Our Fire Within

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Fire Spinning – Within and With Out   We enjoy watching fire spinning for it is a direct reflection of the macro cosmos and the micro molecular; at least that is my speculation. Emulation of our expansive and microscopic selves is something we are naturally keen to doing because it is who we are! Though […]

First Time Fire Spinning! – Beginner Fire Spinning Guide

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First Time Fire Spinning – Beginner Guide! So it’s your first time fire spinning?! Let’s learn how to dip your wicks, what kind of clothes to wear and how to do a spin off/burn off. (And maybe a little bit about fire spinning safety!) Fire Spinning Clothing When fire spinning, clothing should be tight fitting […]

Fire Poi Guide! Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel Guide!

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Fire Poi Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel This week let’s talk about Fire Poi! Fire Poi comes in many different styles of wicks, lengths, and sizes. We’ve made a simplified Fire Poi wick and Fire spinning fuel guide. At Sacred Flow Art we sell over 10 different Styles of Fire Poi! We have many options […]