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Our Flow Arts Journey Around the World

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Global Flow Arts Journey  If you have been following along with us for any amount of time, you have realized that Catherine (@infinitecomings) and I are content creators for Sacred Flow Art, submitting blogs and YouTube tutorials every week! We are on a flow arts journey, teaching and performing around the whole world as we […]

The Flow Arts Community – Fire Spinning & Human Connection

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A Fire Spinning Journey  Shortly after my first “Burn” with the poi, I ecstatically attended my first flow arts community festival; The Pacific Fire Gathering in Cloverdale, Oregon. Not only was the three day gathering gorgeously amongst the epic setting of an old forest on the Oregon coast, but it was perfectly situated within a […]

Becoming A Dream – Manifest Your Reality

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Manifest Your Reality – Growth & Manifestation When I was young (well, *younger*, er’ hem), I often dreamed of myself being a super hero. Going on adventures, fighting monsters, saving people, and having super powers. I would spend hours a day dreaming, often to music, and put myself in the 5D reality of a fantasy […]