Subconscious Flow Arts

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Subconscious Flow Arts 

You’ve Been A Flow Artist All Along!

We all know that when you do something “consciously”, you are aware of what it is that’s being done. But what about when we do things subconsciously?

Have you ever gone looking for your phone only to realize it was in your pocket the whole time? Or wondered where you placed your sunglasses only to find them on your head? These are classic examples of things we do subconsciously, and believe it or not, over 90% of what we do comes from patterns formed in the subconscious mind! With that being said, let’s look into flow arts, and how we’ve all been practicing for the majority of our lives.

Conscious vs Subconscious Flow Arts

Conscious flow arts, by our definition, is when you pick up a prop to maneuver around your body with the awareness and intention that “flow arts” is what you are doing. Subconscious flow arts, on the other hand, happens naturally without our awareness or intention of doing it.

Take for example, when we were kids, balancing spoons on our noses – That’s a flow art! Board games are flow arts. Brushing our teeth, eating with utensils, and using magnifying glasses to direct sunlight and burn things is a flow art! We just didn’t call it flow arts because we were so in the flow, and unaware that there was a name for what we were doing (other than eating, or playing a game).

Flow arts, at the foundation, is anything you do that engages the mind, body, and spirit with another physical object. Be it, another human (Acro Yoga), props for performing, a pencil, stick, or spoon; anytime you interact with something physically outside of yourself, you are practicing flow arts!

Does this mean we have to be touching something to be practicing flow arts?

Yes. No. Both!


In the reality most people perceive and project, only some things are making contact with each other. As in, you’re probably touching the floor, a couch, bed, or chair right now. But are you really? There isn’t an itty bitty tiny / fraction of space resting between you and that object? If everything is infinitely big and infinitely small, then technically everything is never touching, and always touching at the same time. All particles are part of the same whole and constantly interacting with each other, creating friction, resonance, thus making physical objects.

Let me now ask you a question.

Could we move things without “touching” them?

Could we practice flow arts without actually “making contact” with the prop?

The possibilities are endless.

Bringing it back to conscious and subconscious flow arts, subconscious flow arts happens all the time. Conscious flow arts happens after we’ve given the practice a label and begun directing our awareness to bettering our abilities with it.

Now you know that you’ve been a flow artist practicing your whole life, you just didn’t know it! We encourage you to keep dreaming, practicing, growing, flowing, and glowing, with effervescent ease.

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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