(Sub)conscious Flow Arts Pt. 2

Subconscious Flow Arts Part 2


It doesn’t matter what prop you are using! Whether poi, hula hoop, rope dart, fans, staff, or even a pen, soccer ball, wrench, or any other object that you have influence over its motion. Everything you do is in one way or another subconcious or conscious flow arts. 


Some of these flow arts are fundamental, which is why we label them simple actions like getting dressed and brushing our teeth. We do these things and can get better at them with study and practice. And then there are not so fundamental motions like partner dancing, or doing acrobatic yoga, where you are still flowing with another object, even if that object is another person! These take a lot of focus and study to learn to flow them as an art form. 


Non Physical Flow 


We could go even more fundamental – your thoughts. Our thoughts are objects that flow too right? Even if they are extremely fine objects, you still have the ability to wield them and make them flow how you want them to go (with practice, i.e. meditation). So at what point can we define something a flow art different than something that you just do?


I figure, when we make something that is unconscious, or subconscious, conscious. That being, when we don’t realize what we are doing, to realizing what we are doing, to doing what we are doing as a conscious flow arts practice. 


Planting Seeds

So, when you flow with a prop, to become more masterful you need to send a message to your subconscious that you’re about to plant some skills in there. This is not your typical message though, you visualize what it is that you are about to do/learn, as if in the desired state already. Many of us judge ourselves for being not good at something, at anything, and teach our subconscious self how to keep screwing up, due to focus on our “failures”. This is the fall of anyone, regardless of that we set out to get better at in our life. 

Growing Tall

I have learned to master this fundamental flow art, communication with the subconscious mind. And in doing so am mastering now not only flow arts and fire spinning with multiple props, but many other activities as well! Acrobatic yoga, individual yoga, learning languages, growing a business, traveling the world, dancing, making friends, swimming, and even parkour! And not just activities that you can see, but also what you cannot. I have mastered managing my thoughts and feelings as well! Sound like something you would like to do? Reach out and connect with me for a collaborative exchange!


Happy flowing inside and out to you always and in all ways,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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