Starting a Flow Arts Business

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Have you been loving flow arts so much that you are considering making a living doing it? We felt the same way! Here are the 5 basic steps you can take to get some good momentum behind your career in starting a flow arts business!


Establish your Flow Arts Business Demographic

What are the areas of flow arts you specialize in? In what ways can that provide value in others’ lives? Are you a teacher? Performer? Do you enjoy creating props? Do you like to write about your experiences and the benefits flow arts gives? Would you like to sell props? How about adding flow arts into another performance or festivity? There are many ways to implement flow arts into a career, but first you must decide where to direct your focus and energy. Remember to never get discouraged by your lack of experience, supplies, connections or content! We all have exactly what we need to grow into whatever we desire! See it and act on it, now and in every infinite now coming!

Write out your goals and project them as happening!

Vital to any successful business is an idea that is shareable. In order to create something solid in the 3D you must first decide what it will look like in the 5D (your mind/imagination). Nothing does this better then writing your vision in the short and long term, in as much detail as you can. What does your project look like when it is thriving? This should be read back to yourself DAILY, as you will need to keep you mind focused more on your desired outcome then on potential problems, lack, doubts and other distractions that will inevitably present themselves.

Make Connections

Even if you are going solo, you are still going to need others. Others to watch, learn, and to buy. Put your feelers out and speak to others about what you are doing. Those who are interested will likely open their door for more energy sharing. Tell them your brief to deep history in flow arts and where you are going with it. They may offer you their services! You may not feel like saying yes, but never say no! Keep an organized running list of people that you connect with and stay in touch! You never know who may contribute what someday! We all have dreams and our dreams are achieved together, but we need to stay connected in order to be together!

Don’t give up!

Everything that is new is a challenge. There will be a process of trial and error and some may put you down. Realize that this is not to be taken personally but rather as a directing of which way to go. (Away from the naysayers, things and people who don’t support your efforts.) There are likely people out there who do not see eye to eye with you and your vision, and when interacting with these people, you’re likely to lose some of the energy you could be applying for your growth. *Redirect your energy* and treat it as a special skill that you will get better at with practice. Don’t worry about directing others energies, for the people you want to work with already do!


The most important basic step of all is to remain consistent. And persistent for that matter! You may have to cover more angles around your business then you imagined, but that’s all to help you stabilize the foundation for a business that will be secure for as long as you like. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed; that’s a waste of time (reach out to me for some Yoga and meditation lessons for mental and emotional harmony ). Just like a garden, you will plant seeds into fertile soil (ideas into inspired minds and new micro projects that connect directly with what you want to grow), then you need to add just a little bit of energy into them EVERY DAY. If you’re going to do something, you gotta keep doing it, and learn to love the humility in not being good at something and consistently getting better at it. Celebrate the small victories!

If you can do all this, the Sun will take care of the rest! Trust in the Universe, or whatever you believe in outside of yourself to assist you/work in your favor. There are many blessings and surprises to receive, but we must be open to receiving them. Trust.

Perhaps we may grow together! Reach out to us at Sacred Flow Art if you have a proposal or collaboration idea. Or if you need further lessons in flow arts business skills as it pertains to being a teacher or performer, contact Full Circle Phenomenal (that’s me!).

Blessings Flowmies,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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