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The Sacred Flow of Drawing Sacred Geometry

Define flow arts. Is it fire spinning? Hula hooping? LED light shows? All of the above? To break it down even further, flow arts is an art form where one manipulates and maneuvers a “prop” to form visual patterns. This prop, in the flow arts community typically identifies props as objects to be danced with, like hula hoops, fans, staffs, poi, and so on. What many flow artists don’t realize, is that everything we do with our physical bodies that interacts with our environments is a flow art. Sacred Geometry and flow arts are beautifully interconnected.

Brushing our teeth is a flow art. Ball sports are flow arts. Driving a car is a flow art. Drawing, painting, and sculpting are flow arts. In fact, one of the simplest (and yet most insightful) forms of flow is drawing. As humans, we tend to learn how to write, draw, and use utensils at a young age because it is fun and useful later in life. Drawing engages both hemispheres of the brain, taking feminine, non-physical, thought/feeling ideas and actualizing them into reality (masculine).

If you have a compass, I encourage you to do what we are about to discuss; create sacred geometry! The most fundamental piece of sacred geometry you can draw is the Genesis Pattern, or “Seed of Life”.

Drawing the Seed of Life


What you will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A compass with lead/ink
  • The following steps
  1. To begin, set your compass to a specific (small-ish) setting. Do not change this size for the entire exercise. Next, draw a circle in the center of your paper.
  2. Pick a point along the edge of this circle, and place the pointy part of your compass there. Draw another circle. This will form a perfect Vesica Pisces.
  3. Now pick another point along the edge of the original circle where both existing circles intersect (there should be two places). Draw the third circle. This will create a trinity of circles.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you make it all the way around the original circle, finishing with seven complete circles in the formation of the Seed of Life.

As you can see, you can continue picking intersection points along the outer six circles to continue this pattern on for infinity. In a previous post here, we discussed “Metatron’s Cube”, a symbol that can be found within this pattern by drawing straight lines to connect specific points. Essentially, the Seed of Life is created as a foundation for Metatron’s Cube to be formulated, and all other shapes and figures that manifest our physical reality.

Drawing sacred geometry is not only a fun and engaging flow art, it connects and illustrates aspects of the universe more clearly for us to conceptualize. Many people find symbols within sacred geometry that speak to them deeply, so much so that they do more with what flows through their compass and hands. Many logos are also designed with symbols and shapes manifested through this activity. Sacred Flow Art and Full Circle Phenomenal both embrace Sacred Geometry in their logos!

Where do you see sacred geometry and flow arts throughout your day?

Would you like to see some tutorials for drawing more sacred geometry?

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Growing, flowing, and glowing, with effervescent ease,

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