Sacred Flow: Understanding Life

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Feeling & Flow Arts

Flow arts are all about the feels, the energy we feel in our body through the motion of the prop, to the emotion we feel when we find our flow or when we experience blockages and resistance. We call it Sacred Flow because we learn a lot about ourselves and the universe when we go more in depth of this emulation of the micro and macrocosms. If you take notice, a lot of energy is discovered when we practice and perform flow arts, regardless of if you prefer hula hooping, poi, or any other prop. When done well, we witness a fluid calming sensation through the body and prop relationship. When we are inexperienced or in a poor state, we witness a jarring discomfort and disharmonious feelings.

Action & Flow Arts

The trick to discovery is how you choose to go about your choice of flow art. Do you bring a lot of attention to yourself when you mess up and fall down the slippery slope of acting upon your frustrations? In short, do you resist your flow? Or, do you flow over your mistakes and keep going as if nothing happened? Do you flow around your resistance? Likely you have experienced some combination of both, and perhaps have other techniques to your flow as well. It’s a truly humbling practice, with the only true and full solution being not giving up, have a sense of humor, and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

Thinking & Flow Arts

When we get stuck in our left brain and believe that straight and structured lines, or paths, to just get things done is the way to go about life, we miss out on much of the character and artistic merit existence has to offer. Though it can also feel like going in circles if we are stuck in our right brain. We forget to give merit to making something happen, we can also miss out on the reward that comes with creating something real and lasting. Flow arts hits both these hemispheres of the brain easily as you practice.

The question will be, do you cultivate the spirit that you need to push through when it gets tough? Will you allow yourself a break when you realize you need it? Will you simply hold your prop for comfort in it making you look cool to ease insecurity? Or will you wield it like no one is watching?

There are many paths to go, but to choose a path that feels right for you is to experiment between acts of free will, and fate to discover who you truly are.

Yours in Flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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