Sacred Flow Art & Sacred Geometry

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Flow Arts are Sacred Arts

Although props come in various shapes, and create a variety more with each trick, they all have one thing in common – circles. Whether they’re made into a circle like the hula hoop, spheres like the poi and rope dart, or other various shapes, they all create a circle with their most basic move; a spin. The inter-connectivity to this particular shape is an underlying factor that makes flow art a sacred art. The flow arts contain sacred geometry. Just like all else, but expressed. The more you practice, the more you’ll feel it too, through the therapeutic, hypnotic rhythm, and through the people watching who can’t help but reflect affirmations of it’s sacredness.

Sacred Geometry Connecting Humans

As I drive further and further south, on this #UniteTheWorldFirstHand crusade, unique opportunities for performing unfold around every corner. In town, on the streets filled with locals, travelers, and others alike, and at more remote, awe-striking locations, Jesse and I take every chance we get to dance and teach with our hula hoops and poi. It’s becoming a pattern now, that we get approached with compliments once we take a moment for break.

Sometimes compliments are an understatement, for we’ve been praised for emulating the shapes of creation, connecting people with their Spirit, God, and so on! Translated from Spanish, “The circle is the shape of the universe! You are making circles, you are creating like God!” Or “When I watch you (spin fire), I feel more connected with my spirit, and with God. Thank you!” At first this felt odd and surprising, but sacred nonetheless to have represented such profound energy, and to have assisted in other’s paths of spirituality. Upon deeper introspection, it all makes sense. The flow arts and sacred geometry are one.

Geometry of Life

The circle is the most basic shape in the entire universe. Everything in creation, from matter to Void, is built from and represented by the circle, sphere, and patterns branching from it. Let’s look at some geometry to get a closer look.

Here is a pattern, also known as the “seed of life” in sacred geometry, or the genesis pattern. There are many patterns in sacred geometry, most of which developed from this particular one. Starting with the first circle in the middle, flowering out and around with each midpoint connecting to a point of intersection, this pattern can go on further (forever even) creating what’s called the “flower of life”. What makes this geometry sacred is all that’s created from it.

This is the “Fruit of Life” pattern, found in the Flower of Life. When you connect all the center points, you reveal the “Metatron’s Cube”.

Within this image is each and every platonic solid. Every three-dimensional shape that makes up everything in existence exists within Metatrons Cube .

These are the building blocks of matter itself, and they are all found within geometry created from simple circles! There are many more circles found in the universe, take the sun and moon for example, and the cyclical nature of night and day on repeat.

We embrace the sacredness of existence, and how beautifully flow arts represent conscious living. Next time you see a performer, look for the circles, the patterns, and how they’re emulating universal nature.

Infinite Gratitude,

A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger
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