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The “Flow” of Flow Arts

Just as in practicing flow arts, there are two primary forces of nature and the universe: resistance and flow. We could say that an experienced and skilled flow artist is like that of nature. He/she flows rather effortlessly, and that a person who fumbles, falters and does not practice his/her life skills (be it with a prop or not), resists much of nature and tends to cause himself more harm than good. But we are human and we make mistakes. Or just “the illusion of error” for those practicing the Law of Attraction. And our holy nature allows us to do some truly incredible things, especially when we apply ourselves wholly.

There are situations in life when it is difficult to tell what is in the flow and what is resisting. Allow me to offer you my perspective from my 33 years of experience! (Chalked full of things your average Joe is unable, or unwilling to choose to experience; making duration of time existing irrelevant!)

The Heart & Resistance 

What is of your whole heart and being to do is not always of the decided upon “correctness” by society nor any organization in it. That includes of your own close friends and family. At times your own flow will meet that of the resistance of countless others and even others whose perspective you highly value. Sometimes your own flow will rebel against that of nature and even what you think you understand. Even of God/The Multiverse Itself! So who are you to discover the capacity of your full free will and DECIDE that the Universe is, or is not, in alignment with you? Well, who are you NOT to decide it either? Oh dear, what a paradox. How is one to decide?!

Here is my advice: don’t decide. Do the next best thing that feels right to you and to your own ego (separate human self). Not because it is the right thing to do, but because at the end of the day, it’s fundamentally all you have; your desire NOW. And as the universe and nature is patterning, if you want to feel good in your own skin, you have to honor it and yourself. Keep doing what feels good in this eternal now moment, or when else will you? To do what is within your heart up to your superficial skin surface level is truly your responsibility and your responsibility alone. Even to follow along with someone else’s flow is of your own governance. Aye, what responsibility! I trust you will, “Commit (or eat s#*+)!” – a mantra created from my experienced self not long ago.

Practicing Flow Arts

Practicing flow arts is perfect for learning about this dichotomy between flow and resistance. The resistance helps you to know what is your true flow. Making mistakes with your hula hoop or poi and deciding to give up, give in or press on lets you know more about your own individual self, as there is no wrong answer, only a choice of how to respond to stimuli. I encourage you to not only start, but put your whole heart into your flow art. Know that humility is the name of the game and as you keep investing in your flow, the better you will get at it; plain and simple.

Flow on my Friends,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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