Prop Potential – Unique Fire Props and High Resolution LED Props

Prop Potentials!


Have you shopped for a prop yet? Besides the act of flowing itself, discovering new props and finding the perfect one is just like being a kid at a toy store again. And now with internet stores and international shipping, this Golden Age of Flow Arts is going super nova with the overall quality and variety! 


The further I have explored the flow arts world, the more I am astounded. Both by the level of skill one can cultivate with an extension of their body (i.e. a prop) and by the creativity in the wide range of different props. It is beyond the realm of circus. Life on Earth is becoming a permanent festival.


The props and products vary so much in options it’s truly impossible to generalize on them all. In the Sacred Flow Art Shop we have some extremely unique fire props that are super rare, and some unheard of anywhere else!

Unique Fire Props & LED Props


For instance, check out this 17 Wick Fire Umbrella, or this Fire Trident, or these Fire Wings! And if fire isn’t your thing, we have some professional grade LED props that are of the highest pixel resolution in the world, like these super unique LED Fans, Levitation Wand and Long Poi. Unreal. My flow glands salivate. Even the props for those who just like to flow in the daytime are phenomenal: 30+ colors of Polypro Hoops, customizable Contact Poi, and Festival Clothes for both style and comfort to flow in. What an age this is!


Flow Arts Community, Tutorials and More!

Not only are the options vast, but they are made of high custom quality, by flow artists, for flow artists! No more knock offs, cheapies from business that only care about the profits, these flow props are designed by people in the know! As Catherine (@InfiniteComings) and I continue to grow our flow arts careers at home and around the world we are ever amazed by the creations our friends and peers are developing and putting on the market. I’m looking forward to the day we start seeing our creations and creativity flood the mainstream. I wonder if we may ever see poi spinners and hula hoopers in the Olympics!? 


Let’s prepare! Get over to the shop, check out our growing amount of free YouTube classes, and get connected with the Flow Community. See you there!


Yours in Flow,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

Inspired to begin or further your flow arts journey? Check out our Shop!

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