Ultra LED Hula Hoop


Ultimate Led Smart Hoop

The Ultra LED Hula Hoop is the all-in-one smart hoop to meet your ultimate flowing potential. Endless color combinations and Shuffle Modes include eye-catching brightness, slow rainbow fades, single colors, and strobe patterns. Simple and durable on/off mechanism with no tiny switches, so you never have to fiddle around in the dark. This hoop is designed to be partially collapsible, so storage and travel is easy! Removable and rechargeable battery design with a smooth internal connection, so you can flow all night! Durable no-rattle design is available in HDPE and PolyPro tubing, guaranteed with a 1-year quality warranty!

What really separates the Ultra Led Hula Hoop from the pack is the ability to automatically change your light trail patterns with no button to keep a constantly fresh and inspiring light show!