Trinity Sectional HDPE Hoop


Customized & Sectional

These Sectional Hula Hoops are made of HDPE and comes in 22 different tape colors! Pair this with 15 options in grip tape and you have one awesome hoop! If your looking for a quality HDPE hoop to last for years, this is the way to go. The Trinity Sectional HDPE Hoop is built with a strong, crystal clear polycarbonate connector. This sectional hoop comes apart into 1, 3, 4, 5, or 6 sections which are portable and extremely durable! Perfectly portable for your next music festival, and durable for the spirit of a traveler!

Design your own Hoop with Decorative tape, 1″ Grip Tape, and 1/2″ Grip Tape! And optionally add a reverse 1/4″ Grip Tape.

Or choose from one of our Spectrum Inspired Designs!