Spectrum LED Levitation Wand


The Levi Wand/Levitation Stick is one of the most unique flow art props, creating a performance of illusion. Your Levitation Wand dances parallel with you creating a mesmerizing performance. This Levitation Wand is equipped with a thin cord and a small swivel helping you control and maneuver its position.

The Spectrum LED Levitation Wand is the perfect beginner levitation wand and is sure to impress any audience! Enjoy 32 beautiful color patterns options plus one automatic mode where all 32 patterns change with a 10 sec. auto-interval. Easy-to-use management which can be done by pressing only 1 button!

Canada Shipments: Customs tax for this product is approximately $40 USD. 

See video of the Spectrum LED Levitation Wand in “Product Video” tab below!