Dance and Fitness Hula Hoop


Get Your Body Hula Hooping for Better Health!

Did you know you can burn 210 calories with just a 30-minute hula hooping fitness session?! If you’re going to give your body a great workout, why not have fun doing it!

This hoop, designed for beginners and fitness hoopers, features a soft and sturdy Polyethylene (PE) tubing that easily bends back into shape if needed. This hoop is perfectly weighted, so it hoops around your body. The colorful grippy gaffer tape wound around your hoop isn’t just for decoration, it also helps keep your hoop on your body, instead of having it slip down to the ground!

You can choose from 5 hula hoop colors, each with a spectacular, unique pattern accentuated by a colorful gaffer tape. The dance and fitness hula hoop comes as a 38″ hoop, and the PE tubing comes in a durable 3/4″ 160 PSI.

Dance and fitness hooping is a fun, low-impact way to get into shape, find your flow and stay fit for life. The Dance and Fitness Hula Hoop is the best starter hoop to begin that journey!

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