Crown Knot Fire Poi


Crown Knot Fire Poi – Simple. Tough. Refined.

Our Crown Knot Fire Poi were designed with a minimalist’s approach, eliminating bulky & unnecessary hardware. These Super lightweight bullet style Poi heads feature a smooth twist-link chain, so you won’t catch on clothing or skin. And no worry about hot metal burns either, because they have no exposed metal on wick underside. With our popular 100% Silicone PomGrip knob-style handles on soft fireproof Technora rope, you have the perfect set of poi! Top that off with optional 3/4″ washers to customize the weight of your handles.

Our poi is measured by full overall length, so from the end of the Poi head to the end of the handle. To find the recommended Poi length for your size, measure from your armpit to the middle of your palm.

Poi sold in pairs.

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