Pregnant Hula Hooping – First Trimester Review & Tips

pregnant hula hooping

Is pregnant hula hooping even possible? Based on our experience, the answer is – YES!

Catherine, the creator of our hula hooping tutorials, has completed her first trimester of her first pregnancy. From the experience, she has gathered some insights to share about the possibilities and things to consider with hula hooping during your first trimester. Here’s her take:

Pregnant Hula Hooping – First Trimester

During the first trimester, many of the “common symptoms” are at an all time high. With that being said, you might not even feel like hula hooping, practicing yoga, or doing much at all! This seems to be normal across the board. Right around the time I found out I was pregnant, the morning sickness came. Heavy fatigue faded in like a fog. I started eating more, sleeping more, and practicing less. However, what I learned from the experience as a whole is that – yes – pregnant hula hooping IS possible; you just might not feel like it during the first trimester. Once the second trimester rolls around, the intense symptoms taper off, and it becomes easier. (We will get to that once I’ve completed all of semester two!) Here are some things to consider with hooping during your first trimester:

What are you hooping for?

Are you already a hooper, looking to improve your skills? Are you just considering it for exercise? Either way, it’s still possible to do, and completely healthy. Just be aware of the pressures inside and outside of your body as it begins to change. The belly doesn’t start getting big until around the second trimester, but it sure starts to feel like it! Make sure to do proper warmups and give yourself time to slowly integrate anything new. Focus on your breathing as you move, and take it easy. Slow and steady wins the race!

What kind of hula hoop are you using?

There are many sizes, weights, and materials of hula hoops out there. The heavier ones will be less comfortable around the waist during pregnancy, so consider practicing with lighter weight hoops. My favorite is the celestial polypropylenes from the Sacred Flow Art shop!

A General Reminder

What comes to mind when you think of hula hooping in general? For many, a visualization of a large circle being spun around the waist comes to mind. However, in the whole world of hoop dance and flow arts, hula hooping is much more than just waist hooping. You can spin a hoop around your shoulders, neck, hips, legs, arms, elbows, and wield it as a dance prop for so many other fun moves! Build a choreography! Put on some music and see what movements come through without thinking! You’ll be surprised how much the body/mind improvises when in a flow state!

Nausea Hack – One Last Note 

Something really valuable that I found during those moments where I couldn’t seem to shake the nausea, was that if I occupied my mind with an activity, the nausea would almost always go away! Granted, there were times when my body simply needed to purge out excess stomach juices, however almost every time the nausea would creep up, if I could redirect my mind completely, the nausea would fade completely! It became a “mind over matter” deal. I went on hikes, entertained myself with new and different exercises, focused on projects that excite me, and it worked! Challenge yourself to apply this to your hooping routine, and everyday life if you’re experiencing morning sickness.

Don’t let the natural human feelings stand in the way of your dreams coming to fruition. The momentum of growth will progress as you direct it, so by all means, allow yourself the breaks when it feels necessary. But remember to keep focused,  and to practice a little mind over matter. Turn on some groovy music, practice some intuitive flow with your little life growing within, and stay tuned for trimester two – tips and review!

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As always,
Catherine Rutan-Hart
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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