Poi Length Guide

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What length should my poi be?

When it comes to poi length, different folks have different preferences. We’d like to explore different lengths of poi, what might be a better choice for you, and why! Poi tether length ranges from sometimes as short as 12 inches to as long as 30 inches. We will break it down into 3 categories, short poi, standard poi, and long poi. Keep in mind we are talking about overall poi length, including handle and head. 

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Standard Poi

The most common poi lengths for poi range between 20-24 inches. A general rule of thumb for those just starting out is to pick a length from the center of you palm to the inside of your shoulder crease. This ranges for everyone, so go ahead and measure! Standard poi is a great starting place to feel out where what you prefer. Most importantly for beginners, it make sure that your poi will not be touching the ground from a neutral standing position with your arm down. 

Short Poi

This is poi that falls in the under 20” range. Short poi used to to be more popular than they are in recent years, and are better suited for a specific spinning style. They are lighter and easier to control, but require a constant high speed, and make contact moves very difficult. Short poi allow for a large range of moves as they have less chance to make contact with your body. Try out some buzzsaws or inversions with you short poi! 

Long Poi

If you’re in the 25-30” range, you’ve got long poi. Long poi are great for contact poi, isolations, and even adding in some juggling moves. Long poi slow down rotations so you have more time to switch up your moves. They are also better for performances as they make patterns able to be seen from far away. 

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