Poi Corkscrew and Poi Windmill – Beginner Poi Tutorial

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Poi Corkscrews & Poi Windmills

Let’s talk about corkscrews and windmills! Maybe you’ve seen someone do it and want to figure it out, or maybe this is a new move you haven’t heard of. Either way, we will describe each poi flow in detail, you so can learn and practice these poi moves at home right now!

Poi Corkscrew

The Poi Corkscrew and Poi Windmill are pretty similar. One covers the plane of direction parallel to the ground (Corkscrew), and the other covers the plane perpendicular to the ground (Windmill). We will start with the corkscrew. Follow along at 0:40 seconds in our YouTube video. Start with spinning your poi with one hand. Follow the plane parallel with the ground. Once you get into a comfortable flow, transition and spin it once above your head and come back to spinning in front of your body. Once you get to a point where you can spin once in front and once on top of the head, try adding your second hand! Follow along at 2:28 for this section. Notice each poi spinning in an opposite direction while on the same plane. That’s the basics of the poi corkscrew tutorial.

Poi Windmill

On to the Windmill! With the poi windmill, we are working with the “wall” plane, perpendicular to the ground plane. Start by spinning your poi in front of you and occasionally transitioning spinning to behind you. Follow along at 4:50 in the poi tutorial video. Keep this practice until you are alternating with one in front while the other is behind you. See the slo-mo windmill at 5:36 in the YouTube video. These windmills and corkscrews are simple and fun transitional move to flow into more advanced techniques.


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