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poi butterfly, poi buzzsaw

Poi Butterfly and Poi Buzzsaw

Lets take a look at and learn Poi Butterfly and Buzzsaw! These moves are pretty simple and follow a similar learning curve making them easy to learn together. Follow along with the video for a visual guide as well.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn about poi basics like planes, timing, and direction, See the full video here!

Poi Butterfly Tutorial

The Poi Butterfly move works on the “wall plane”. Envision a transparent wall in front of you and keep your poi moving in sync with the wall plane, avoiding your poi falling to you sides. Start by spinning them separate from each other in opposite directions (video at 0:38). As you bring your poi closer together, keep your flow slow and steady. Try bringing them together for just two or three rotations, and notice how one tether is always in front of the other. When you’ve reached a point that they can flow in unison, you’ve done your first Poi Butterfly!

For more advanced techniques, try “threading the needle”. (Video at 1:42)

Poi Buzzsaw Tutorial

For the Poi Buzzsaw, wrap your poi around your fingers and hold with your thumb and index finger (video at 1:59). Start spinning them split time, in our forward direction. Slowly bring them together until your hands are almost touching each other. The Buzzsaw can be moved around the body, near your legs, and up above your shoulder. (Video at 2:34)

For a more advanced technique, learn the “Buzzsaw Flower”! (Video at 2:52)

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