Our Flow Arts Journey Around the World

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Global Flow Arts Journey 

If you have been following along with us for any amount of time, you have realized that Catherine (@infinitecomings) and I are content creators for Sacred Flow Art, submitting blogs and YouTube tutorials every week! We are on a flow arts journey, teaching and performing around the whole world as we drive five continents in five years. Moving into the final month now before one whole year on the road has completed, I felt it would be proper to provide our readers with an update of what it has been like to flow props on our flow travel and encourage you along your own flow arts journey.

We are all travelers of space and time, though some perhaps more than others, we are all learning about how to manage our mind, body, emotions and objects in as skilled and enjoyable fashion as possible. Life as a professional flow arts fire spinner is continuing to grow ever more rewarding, though never easy. While traveling to any unfamiliar area, there are certain degrees of counsel we must continue to listen to, less we slip up, get into a troublesome situation, and grow fear. Within the flow arts community, from students, to observers, to performers, I have usually witnessed a natural flow of love and acceptance amongst all the people. Though this is still predominant, I have also borne witness to the level of anger, fear and finger pointing grow. I don’t know if this stems from the collective fear of disease or simply from personal insecurities, but regardless let’s move through, above and beyond.

Healthy Resistance

When we flow, whether flow arts or otherwise, it means we are practicing the opposite of resistance. Though is there a healthy amount of resistance to be added to our flow? Yes! If we do not resist the urge to put ourselves down when we make a mistake, we are liable to feel completely disheartened and quit practicing flow arts. When the poi, hoop, staff, rope dart, or other prop hits our body, that too is a resistance. Letting us know we could be flowing better and to focus and apply our own mental pressure to get our bodies in greater alignment. I see that many people do not yet understand the massive importance of this relative lesson. When there is a grievance along our path, we have choices to make. Do we flow around it and not give it any care? Perhaps, but what if we meet another challenge of the same or greater caliber? Do we fight back? Perhaps, but does that just fuel the resistance and neglect our final flow?

There are many ways we travel. Be it flowing in place with a prop, or moving about our world flowing with our thoughts, feelings and actions. Have you seen a correlation of your flow arts journey to life and travel? Leave a comment!

Yours in flow,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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