Managing Negativity in the Flow Arts Scene

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Flow on – How to manage negativity with flow.

There are insecure egos around every block. Many of these people still separating their own bodies from their environments live and breathe by the phrase, “misery loves company”. This is some perspective on the flow arts negativity in the scene.

Often times in my flow arts career, and everyday life, I have had to embrace the practice of flowing by these individuals. It may not be the most comfortable route, though it brings benefit to courageously acknowledge the poorness of character outside as well as inside of you, yet not respond to it, and keep investing in what you want to grow.

Detach from Abuse – Flow Arts Negativity 

Much like any art industry, there is often substance abuse in many flow circles. I have let go of three groups of flow artists due to poor consumption and gossip. Through these experiences though, I learned how to flow expertly around the finger pointers and poor physical, mental and emotional consumers, and understand how “there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going”.

They say “you are what you eat”, though did you know we “eat” more than just food? Every breath you take, every thought you allow, and all food and drink you choose to put in your body, inevitably becomes yourself. Of course you will not become a banana if you eat a banana. But you will take in the banana’s energy and become a little more like it, as is true with the company, conversation and all activities you participate in. You will choose how you practice your flow arts and who you will practice with to avoid flow arts negativity.

Follow you own Flow

So I invite you to deeply keep considering your end result in the flow arts world will be, and be willing to go for it 100%, even if it means going at it alone. Unsuccessful people typically do not like successful people, because it makes them even more insecure than usual. Though if you see success in someone else, and they see success, or potential success in you, these are the people whom you will want to invest in, for they will in turn invest in you. It doesn’t matter what prop they flow, poi, hoop, staff, fans or otherwise, and it does not matter how much their prop cost, it matters what they do with their prop, and what you do with yours, consistently.

I have met many flow artists who have more experience then me, and are arguably significantly more skilled with their prop then I am, though I have more success in creating flow arts into a paid career. Why? Mostly because I knew what I wanted to do, I did it/am doing it, and I did not let friends, family, acquaintances, fans, hecklers nor “frienemies” get in the way of my focused outcome. I have had to say “farewell” to many people, letting the differing polarity repel us apart. Though I do not consider myself an enemy to anyone, still, I do see that many get in their own way of achieving their full potential in life, and it’s up to me to let them walk their own path, as I walk mine.


This is the story of all success, not just in flow arts, but all aspects of life. Invest in consuming the energies that invest back into you. This is how we *appreciate*, and are *appreciated*. If you understand the true sacredness of this art, then you will come to find we are all reflections of one another, constantly shifting into what we hold in our heart-mind. At the end of the day you are here. Responsible for one thing and one thing only, and what is what you choose to do with your physical, mental and emotional self.

May you take care of yourself and be willing to fill up your own cup before filling others. Notice who’s cups have cracks and holes in them, perhaps notify them of what you witness if your heart desires to, but be unattached to the outcome. Soon enough you will find the tap to “Spirit”, and your cup will floweth over. And around others cups who also have an abundance to share!

Yours in flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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