Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 6 – Steps for Booking

Making Flow Arts a Career (Part 6) – Steps for Booking

Someone wants to hire you. Now what is next? For professional shows, it is important to have some sort of protocol before flow arts performance booking. Over the past few years, Jesse and I have cultivated a list of must haves, must discuss, and must establish for booking our gigs. We are excited to be sharing this, as it has helped us to level up our professionalism and set the standards high for collaborations that are well worth our investment. May you find inspiration and ideas through this, such that you too can design a structure for your flow, in this radical world of professional play.

Here are our foundational and necessary steps for booking flow arts performances. These do not have to happen in order, though they all need to happen for the exchange to feel honorable.

Flow Arts Performance Booking

  1. Performance Area 

The first and most important factor (for fire performing especially) is the space for us to perform. Dancers need space, and we need that space to be obviously marked or set up somewhere where people will not be walking through or standing on our equipment.

For fire shows this is particularly important, as fuel, fire, and everything involved is potentially dangerous to the untrained being. There also needs to be safe ground, as in no wood floors, no dry grass, nothing flammable close to performance area whatsoever. If the space is indoors, there needs to be ventilation to keep the air from becoming toxic to breathe. There needs to be access to water (especially if your put-out blanket is a wet towel). Also, check in with the event coordinators to see if they have fire extinguishers and security.

  1. Payment and Show Length 

Obviously, as professional performers, we need to have an exchange that feels good for everyone. This should be discussed ahead of time, and perhaps a down-payment made before the event. Also, if you are planning on collecting tips, discuss this ahead of time. The duration of the show will also be a factor related to prices.

  1. Music

Is music already arranged? Do we need to bring our own music? Do we need to bring our own speaker? This will influence how your show will be organized. If there is already music provided, you will likely be free flowing. Whereas if you can bring your own music, you can consider organizing choreographies and special announcements to hype up the audience.

  1. Are there drugs and/or alcohol being consumed?

This is important and doesn’t need much explanation. With fire shows, it’s important to be aware beforehand if there are going to be people consuming intoxicants. Drunk and high people act differently around pretty lights. Just be aware.

  1. Extra Tickets

We typically ask for at least one extra ticket so we can bring a fire safety person. Most event organizers do not assume you have extra hands to help, so it’s important this is mentioned beforehand.

  1. Advertising and Reviews

As a collaborator for said event, discuss beforehand that your name/logo will be shown on the flyers and social media posts as part of the performance. Have them share one of your pre-existing videos to their social media channels. Also discuss getting reviews upon completion of the work.

As we continue to drive around the world sharing and performing flow arts, this protocol will inevitably adapt to become more thorough, and take into consideration a diversity of variables unknown at this point. That’s the joy of traveling as a performer; everything is in constant and exciting improvement.

With your business, it will be good to design your own “must-do’s” before booking. Find your flow with it, but don’t go with the flow. You will have to direct your flow to see it develop professionally.

Reach out for coaching with your flow arts business, and to learn how to take your flow on the go, traveling, exploring the world, sharing your passion, and manifesting your dream lifestyle.

Growing, flowing,

With effervescent ease,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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