Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 4 – The Yin & Yang of Teaching & Performing

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Making It a Career (Part 4) – Yin and Yang

When mastering something new, like turning your flow into a business (or flow arts in and of itself), there’s an infinite amount of informational guidance you’ll find on the web. But regardless of how many tutorials, classes/coaching, and articles you absorb, there is only so much the mind, body, and emotions can take in before it’s maxed. So, what’s next? Practice is the next best thing for integration and formulation of new habits, right?

Yes! But what’s next?

Always Room for Growth in Flow Arts!

What happens when you are implementing everything you’ve learned but there’s still noticeable room for improvement? Whether it be mastering tricks, or developing your flow arts career, here is our most effective and rewarding tip that is proven to amplify our professional abilities at a quantum rate.

Teach Flow Arts!

Our minds (and the whole of reality) function in such a way where balance is everywhere! Flow arts included! It is notable that duality is prevalent in everything, and all dualities represent masculine and feminine poles. Tantra in flow arts (See our blog on that topic) presents itself as physical (doing/giving) energy, and non-physical (feeling/receiving) energy.

Yin and Yang Flow Arts Balance

When turning your flow into a profession, it is beneficial to not only be aware of this, but to also direct it in the ways you enjoy. For example, balance your amount of learning (feminine receiving energy) with a relatively equal amount of teaching/sharing (masculine giving) with others. This will not only be inspiring to coming flowmies, it also solidifies your mastery in tricks, and a more wholesome, professional vibration for your business.

There are many ways you can teach, and you might experience some humility getting started in front of a group, or a camera. It will be worth it though; the more you invest, the more you grow, and if you commit to the process it will be ever more effortless to master.

Now comes another question: When should I charge for these things?

Teaching and sharing your flow is a valuable act, and so is performing professionally. Stay tuned for next week’s article as we dive into that fine line between working for free, donation, and high paying gigs.

Need personal flow arts lessons?

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