Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 3 – Getting Recognized

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Making It a Career (Part 3) – Getting Recognized as a Flow Artist

When it comes to turning your flow arts journey into a career, there’s no amount of training you can do that will bridge that gap between your present and your future gigs faster than networking. In our last posts, we dove into the first steps needed to turn your play into work/play. Here we are moving forward into what’s next.

Now that you’ve got your heart set and your mind honed in on what it is your specializing in, it’s time to get out there! Make yourself known! Become noticed! It’s time to network, and here are a few different sources that are effective, and believe it or not – FUN!

Online Networking 

The first outlet we can recommend here is social media. There’s a vast community of performers right underneath your nose online! Start out by doing some searches to join flow arts groups online. You might even find some local groups to grow with! Joining groups on Facebook, following (and using) hashtags on Instagram, and friending fellow flowmies is a great “in”. There is plenty of room out there for all of us to thrive in this field, and we are here to support you every step of the way!

Pop over to our flow arts community page too, to grow the scene even further. 

Next, start a business page on Facebook and Instagram, and begin making regular posts with hashtags to reach more viewers. Many flow artists will start an account just to keep track of their progress over time. As professionals, we recommend keeping your content as professional as possible, and fun at the same time! This will get you noticed quicker. EVERY DETAIL COUNTS!

Practicing / Performing in Public

Whether you are busking (street performing), or simply busting out your props to practice, doing it in public will inevitably turn some heads. It doesn’t matter how “good” you are; those who don’t have a trained eye won’t notice your mistakes (as long as you don’t bring attention to them).

The idea here is to get yourself noticed, and you won’t if you’re always in the comfort of your own space! Jesse and I have done this countless times, sometimes with, but mostly without the intention of making connections. Though, inevitably, we do, and we truly enjoy going out to practice in public because it often does attract an audience! This ranges from families with dazzle eyed kids, tourists, and locals with tips to offer. As well as individuals interested in hiring, learning, and collaborating! You never know what kind of connections you can make. You could be hired on the spot for a paid party happening next weekend! The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself, and even those are illusive!

Finding and Creating Events

Last but not least, start taking action that invites others to get involved. Creating events can be anything from workshops to team growing, public performances, flow jams, etc.

Search your area to see if there are already people doing this, and don’t get discouraged if there are not. It’s actually quite effortless to grow something as unique as flow arts in an area where it’s an untapped market.

All you have to do is SOMETHING!

Need some assistance getting started? We are here to grow the flow arts communities all over the world, as we drive around the world on the #UniteTheWorldFirstHand Global Movement, sharing holistic health practices, performing arts, growing flow arts teams, and enabling YOU to live your dream!

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