Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 1 – The Prop

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Flow Arts Career (Part 1) The Prop

It is play! And for others, it is work. For us, it’s all work/play – all in the same – and all as a profession!

How can this be? How can work also be play? Many people wonder this. Some go their whole lives separating work from fun. We did too, before we began living our dream, driving around the world, teaching, learning, and growing only what feels constructive and fun!

Of course it didn’t start out all butterflies and rainbows. There was absolutely a certain amount of prioritizing and elbow grease that had to go into the creation of a flow arts career, but trust me, it is worth it! I’m here to map out a few things you should focus on to actually become a professional (PAID) performer, or whatever your heart desires!

With flow arts, being a playful activity already, it’s rather easy to see the fun in it. Here’s where it gets trickier – making it lucrative, while keeping it fun! The first step to transforming your play-time into professional play-time is to find your niche prop.

What is your “Flow Arts Career Prop”?

What makes YOU stand out amongst other flow artists? Is it the hoop? Poi? It’s important to consider which prop you are most drawn to AND good at. Granted, your amount of “good” will always be relative; there is always more to learn, and progress made the more you practice! This can be either a curse, or a blessing, you decide! Though, if you want to succeed in anything, I encourage you to have an open mind and bright attitude with everything. Having multiple props can be your thing too! I do! But it didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, it is best to focus and specialize with one prop. You can always expand later.

Keep on Practicing!

Now that you have an area of expertise to perfect, it’s time to start perfecting it! Practice in front of your reflection or record yourself to see what you look like in the flow. Watch tutorials on our YouTube channel to learn new tricks (Click Here). Follow other flow artists who specialize in the same prop to gain inspiration, learn new combos, and diversify your creative energy. Practice daily. Practice with friends. Teach what you know, and cultivate a flow that unique to only you, fun, and impressive!

This is just the first step. We have been there; we know what it’s like picking up a prop for the first time, wondering what could possibly manifest from this. It gets easier. It gets wild, and it always stays fun!

Stay tuned for next week’s post, as we will be diving into the potential niches within your niche to further you along your flow arts career!

Keep growing, flowing, and glowing,

With effervescent ease,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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2 thoughts on “Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 1 – The Prop

  1. jason P long says:

    Well my name is Jason. And I’m looking to possibly find my career as to what my flow is? I am a contact fire staff artist. But I do believe that I have a very unique grass on the situation. Anyways I was wondering if maybe anybody knows of someone looking to possibly tour with?

  2. Michelle says:

    My son is 8 he has always spun things from his shoe laces, sticks and glow sticks. He now does poi. He had his first attempt a few months back with fire poi he has done amazing. People tell me not to let him pursue this as its not a career but I’m not listening my son has some crazy skills for his age. He can do the bo staff to. He wants to go on bgt. I’d just like as much advice as I can get. I live in Scotland. He has light up poi just now and is showing some talent. I currently watch videos but I’d like to get his foot in the door with other fire spinners as I want him to reach the stars. He also wants to join the circus and I want to make it happen for him.

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