Life of a Traveling Flow Arts Performer

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Things You Might Not Expect As A Traveling Flow Arts Performer

Once you are on the go, moving from city to city to share your practices, you’ll quickly be rewarded with insights and joys that you wouldn’t normally get by staying in the same city, performing in front of the same people. Based on only a few years worth of experience as a traveling performers, we have put together the most profound things you probably won’t expect to see as a flow arts performer.

Confusion. Bewilderment. Astounded Faces. 

Let’s face it – most people don’t know what flow arts is, let along fire performing! When you start traveling as a professional flow arts performer, get ready to meet many seemingly clueless people. Take it with stride and be humble enough to show them! Amaze them! Enjoy being the first flow artist they have ever met! However also understand your worth. If you go about flaunting everything, you might end up being followed by people on the streets whom you’ve inspired to the point of craze! We have been! It can be flattering, and daunting at the same time, so only show off when you truly feel like it and be aware of what might follow.

New Kinds of Flow Arts

Card tricks! Machete juggling! Fire in the streets! The moment you begin moving around new cities, and especially new countries, your whole world will open up. Staying in one city might seem more manageable, however life on the road is filled with diversity like no other. You think flow arts is just hooping? Poi? Staff? Fans? Juggling balls? It goes WAY beyond that. It will blow your mind pulling up to particular stop lights and seeing kids as young as eight performing stunts with fire, or magic tricks as your eating in a restaurant. This world is chalked full of wonder just waiting for you to explore.

People always want you, own your worth!

Whenever anyone outside of the flow arts community sees what you can do, they will likely want you to be part of their gig. Be it a party, a dinner night, a festival, a concert, or a private gathering, you will be asked to perform. The most important thing to note here is that you need to own your worth. You need to know how much your time and skills are worth so you can hold to that value when people flock your way, asking for you time and energy investments.

More Opportunities 

It’s simple, the more you get out there in the world, the more opportunities open up for you to keep moving, keep flowing, keep growing. Despite how many opportunities you have now, in your area, and online, the more you move the more the universe moves. There are people out there with pots of gold, and all you’ve got to do is go put yourself out there, keep networking in new environments, and it will seemingly come straight to you. Just don’t give up.

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