Keeping your Hula Hoop Flow Fresh and Unique!

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Spicing Up Your Hooping Flow

You’ve reached that point. You’ve mastered some basic tricks and have even found some go-to combos that define your unique hula hoop flow. Now what? Are you in a flow arts rut?

Here are some ways to diversify (without changing props) that will turn your rut back into a river of varying motion! 🌼

  1. Change the music! If you are used to flowing with music, flow without it, or practice with something completely different than you are used to. Perhaps have someone else pick a song for you to flow to and come up with the moves on the fly!
  1. Create a choreographed routine to your favorite songs. First listen to the music and visualize. Let your creative mind run wild, designing it with tricks you haven’t yet mastered, to act as goal posts for your future flow. How does it all begin? How does it close? Where do you light your wicks if you’re creating a fire performance? Next, write it all out so you don’t forget the specific times for each move, and so you can customize it more as your skills progress.
  1. Change the environment! Go on a hike! Practice in the kitchen instead of your living room. Bring your hula hoop outside, in the trees, in the sun, balancing on a log over a river, somewhere different than your usual space! Every environment holds unique energies that, whether you realize it or not, influence your flow.
  1. Focus on a specific message, or specific parts of the body. Give yourself a project for each practice session! For example, practice hooping with your non-dominant hand until it’s balanced in skill. Devote a session to embodying and expressing a specific emotion. Flow without moving your feet; completely grounded in one spot. And inversely, practice while focusing on footwork. How far can you spread out your flow? Can you walk and flow at the same time? What else can you do at the same time as manipulating your prop? Can you cook, or play a guitar?
  1. Watch tutorials! You don’t even have to watch them with the intention of trying them out. Simply seeing a how-to for something new will activate your creative mind and help get you moving forward in your flow arts journey. You can always count on our YouTube Channel for gaining inspiration and awareness of new things to incorporate in your hoop, poi, fan, rope dart, and staff flow.

These are just a few of the many ways you can expand, diversify, and grow your unique hula hoop flow when you feel stuck, and motivated to break free. Can you think of more creative ways to add variety to your flow without changing props? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Please leave us a comment, message, or tag us in a post for a chance to be featured on our page. How do you diversify your flow?

As always,
Blessings and Infinite Abundance,

A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger
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