Indoor Poi Spinning and Hooping – Benefits of Being at Home!

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Let’s talk about some advantages to at home poi/hooping. Indoor flow arts can definitely bring you a level up in your flow.

At Home Poi and Hooping Advantages

Firstly, since you have walls and halls all around you now, and plenty of objects to get in your way, now is the time to master your PLANES. When you’re outdoors, unless you smack yourself, there’s likely little encouragement for you to work on straightening your hall (sides) and wall (in front and in back) planes. Now you have a lot of reasons to keep your props moving straight, unless maybe you’re okay with redecorating and terrorizing the family pets. I encourage you to move some things around, create a space to practice in and clear a wall that you can get near. Get close to that wall with your hoop/poi (1-1.5 feet/0.3-0.5 meters away) and practice simple pendulums and single spins facing the wall, standing with it to your immediate left and then to your immediate right. Do it consciously and with control. Depending on your ambition, you may even want to practice behind the back wall planes (typically used in hip and shoulder reels, for instance), but be careful not to scuff up your props!

Practice with your hoop/poi as if it’s on fire!

Now get creative. What I have admired about flow artists from the beginning of my flow career is their uncanny sense of spatial awareness. Rarely do you see flowmies accidentally hitting one another. Treat every object in your house during your indoor poi spinning/hooping as if it were a person and flow about them with respect. Try not to get too carried away, it’s easy to I know. Pretend that your hoop/poi are on fire, that should help and let you know whether your ready to burn.

Have fun with your prop!

Finally, dance. The acoustics in your living room are likely better then they are in the back yard or at a park, and there’s no noise pollution or passers by to interrupt you! So go nuts and jam out with your prop(s)! Have a little extra room? Invite over a friend! They don’t know how to spin? Take this as an opportunity to teach them or check out some of our poi/hooping tutorials!

Also notice how much energy you’re generating! Your flowing indoors will likely generate some heat! So now you’re saving on electricity too! Did you ever think flow arts would save you money?

May the optimism juices be flowing and the force be with you!

Yours in Flow,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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