How to pick the right Hula Hoop!? Our hoop size guide!

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Our Hula Hoop Size and Material guide!

The internet is full of mixed information on hula hoops! You have tubing material, OD size, & thickness, tapes, coating, and more!  We decided to break it all down for you guys here on our hoop size guide, so you can make an informed decision on your next hula hoop. We speak from our experience and personal preference. As with any art, people have different outlooks and perspectives. Here is what we have learned and would love to share with the community!

Polypro Hoops vs HDPE Hoops

Let’s start with the basics. The two most common tubing materials are polypro and HDPE. What’s the difference and which one is “better”? The easy answer is that neither is “better” but there are clear differences. Polypro is the clear winner in popularity and is lightweight and quick to respond to movements. HDPE is also lightweight and flexible and better than Polypro for cold weather hooping and learning new moves. If you live in the heat, definitely go polypro because HDPE will get wobbly and flexible on you!

Hoop Size Guide

Next, we have sizes! Most hoops sold range in sizes from about 25″ to 34″, sometimes up to 42″ or 44″. The smaller the hoop, the lighter and quicker it is to bust out those funky moves! The larger the hoop, the slower the rotations, giving you time to actually feel the rhythm and move with the hoop. Fitness hoopers as well as beginners usually go with a larger hula hoop size to grow and feel with the flow of hooping. More advanced hooper enjoy the quick and light reactions of the smaller hoop to practice their flow.

But what about my height! Yes, how tall you are does affect what hoop size to get. We all come in different sizes, so here are our suggested beginner sizes in terms of height:

Suggested Beginner Hula Hoop Sizes by height:

5’0 and smaller should start with a 30-33 inch hoop.

5’5″ and taller should start with a 32-35 inch hoop

5″8″ and taller should start with a 35-40 inch hoop

3/4″ vs 5/8″ Hoops

Great! We know what size, but what about tubing thickness? 5/8″ is your thinner tubing diameter, while 3/4″ is your thicker tubing. When customizing a hoop, we often have to make a choice here. 5/8″ will be super light, zippy and have some spring, while 3/4″ is easier to use and will give you better grip in the hand for moves like grabs! To keep it simple, for dance, fitness, and beginners, go 3/4″. For experienced hoopers, or those determined to learn those awesome tricks, go 5/8″.

Tapes are largely aesthetic, and will not affect your ability to learn and grow as a hooper. This is not the case for all tapes, but having a taped hoop is definitely not a necessity! We hope you now have a more thorough understanding of the beautiful world of hula hoops and all our choices! No choice is a wrong choice, just keep practicing and following that passion & you will succeed! ♡

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