How to stay in the flow? (Once you’re there)

Do you ever find yourself unlocking a new trick, finding rhythm, or reaching a flow state only to lose it moments later? Once we learn a trick, or reach a state flowing with our props that feels perfect, we often get carried away with excitement and loose our ability to continue. Even the simple acknowledgement – “Look! I’m doing it!” can divert the focus and get in the way of maintaining whatever progress that was just made. So how do we come back? How do we maintain the flow, and repeat those new tricks we just had moments ago? 

First and foremost – Breath!

When we get excited, anxious, and stimulated in any way, it can be easy to forget to breathe consciously. We often hold our breath, which simultaneously holds tension in the body, making it more challenging to flow. It’s fundamentally important to stay consciously connected to how we are breathing, how we are holding ourselves physically, and use the breath flow as a tool to create ease in our flow arts practice. 

Getting warmed up and doing cool downs with our hoops and/or poi will amplify your ability to focus, master moves, and reach that flow state we all love! [hyperlink to a flow arts warmup video]

Internal Practices

Yoga, QiGong, and Meditation are excellent resources for leveling up in all areas of life. Dialing the awareness inside of the mind and body improve overall health and awareness. When we combine these practices with our flow, it becomes easier to let go of expectations and simply be present. 

No-Mind / Neutralize

Once internal practices become part of our regular routines, it becomes easy to transcend, let go, and detach from whatever is happening. Perhaps you are able to do this without having a daily yoga or qigong practice. Though having a practice sure helps for consistency! The ability to let go of what you want is a practice in and of itself. When we get excited about unlocking a new trick, or frustrated that we can’t get back in-the-flow, we create realities internally that manifest externally, perpetuating the experience. It might feel counterintuitive – to let go of what you want. However, it is a key ingredient to manifestation. Flowing and growing become easier when we begin with neutrality. 

If you can get rid of the mental chatter, you get out of your own way.

For assistance in cultivating this state of being, and for all other flow arts guidance, reach out! 

As always,


Catherine Rutan-Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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